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Saturday, 14. March 2015


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Tournament Historys


1960's MLB Tournament

1960 World Series

BAL 4, MLN 0

1961 World Series

  NYY 4, CIN 3

1962 World Series

LAD 4, LAA 1

1963 World Series

BAL 4, LAD 2

League Website

1964 World Series

LAA 4, STL 1

1965 World Series

 CIN 4, CLE 2

1966 World Series

 DET 4, LAD 0

1967 World Series

 DET 4, SFG 2




Hot News !!!

KOD21 - Underway

Week #1 in the books - 2 undefeated teams

Saturday 3/14/2015 1a:00am EDT.

After a 3 month hiatus KOD is back in action The Nats and Phighin's jumped out to 4-0 record as te rest of the league posted "normal" results.  Philly did it by outscoring their opponents and with some nifty comebacks.  Washington relied on their potpourri of arms  See all results by clicking here.

Updated 3/14/2015

MVP Performances


   KOD 20 MVP's

NL AL World Series
Mike Piazza Prince Fielder Mike Trout
LA Dodgers MIL Brewers CAL Angels
.338-10-36 .281-14-48 .375-6H-5 R

   KOD 20 Cy Young Winners

NL AL Fireman
Dwight Gooden Gary Peters Bob Lee
NY Mets CHI White Sox CAL Angels
5-4, 101k 6-4, 1.72 13/13 sv / 1.47




Sports Update

12/23/2014LEAGUE OFFICE (AP):  DKS/KOD 8th annual Holiday Festival Tournament with 64 teams is underway:

1/27/2015LEAGUE OFFICE (AP):  Holiday Festival Finals:  1964 White Sox (Dan Holm) wins tournament over 2012 Orioles (Mark Nixon).

League Website is here:


KOD21 Baseball Action

KOD21 League Website

KOD21 began play on 3/1/2015 featuring the best Division winner from 1969-2014 that did not make the World Series.

League File Downloads:


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