1971 Rules
1.  This is a Replay Project, not a league
2.  Managers choose their preference of team(s) to guide.
3.  All games will be played solo vs AI, unless opponets agree to play h2h online.
4.  There is no requirement to ever play online h2h.
5.  Managers will manage all road games for their chosen team(s).
6.  Managers can manage home games vs teams not claimed by a human manager.
7.  We wll play 2 week's worth of series in 1 week of real time.
8.  We will use real life lineups and transactions.
9.  Players can not be removed from the game until they have batted at least 3 times or the 7th inning.
10. Pitchers can not be removed from the game until the 5th inning or fatigued or if they have given up 5 runs or more.
11. Human manager must import .man file for managerial tendencies for the AI's team if they are guided by another human.
12. Human manager must e-mail league prior to starting each game and after finishing it.  That e-mail should include the BBX file for that game.
13. Each game should be played in 15 minutes or less.
14. The bullpen warmup rule is in affect
15. The pitch mode rule will be in affect after the 8th inning.
16. Fatigue will be set at 115%.
17. Each manager needs to create a .man file to guide the AI to mirror their personal managerial tendencies.
18. All games not completed by deadline will be simmed or offered to their human opponent to play.