Project Rules

  1. This is a group project.  Games are played solo, H2H or vs CPU.  No individual owns a specific team
  2. Starting Pitchers are used according to the game # that they actually started during each team's respective season.
  3. Starting lineups follow the same rules as Starting Pitchers, except where appropriate L/R platoon substitutions are needed to simulate realism.
  4. All transactions have been entered.  Players are available based on transaction dates.  Injuries are not being used.
  5. Usage penalties "kick in" at 130%.
  6. Days off will be granted in case of EPC not allowing a scheduled starter to be effective (min of 65 pitches).
  7. The final 8 games of the season will not have set lineups.  Lineups and rotation will be up to manager / commissioner discretion.