2014-15 Holiday Festival Baseball Tournament

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"The Best 2nd Place team Ever "


Click on the winning team's name to see box scores from series.

Prizes:  1st-$100, 2nd-$50, 3rd-$25 & 4th-$15 (all are in DKSports Gift Card Currency)


Year Team Manager E-mail AIM  
1922 Browns A.J. Thomas mkpilot23@gmail.com    
2001 A's Abe Brown eddeb@toast.net    
2001 Cardinals Allan Silverwood asilverwood@ksuwildcats.us    
2000 Mariners Andy Sexton dolphan1385@yahoo.com   1st Team
1980 A's Andy Sexton     2nd Team
1951 Indians Bill Keller keller351@yahoo.com   1st Team
1994 Indians Bill Keller     2nd Team
1972 Cubs Bill Schneider billschneider64@gmail.com   1st Team
1976 Pirates Bill Schneider     2nd Team
1985 Yankees Brian Collins brianscollins@comcast.net    
1987 Mets Brian Hasleiet bhasleiet@gmail.com    
1909 Cubs Brian Stokes nbstokes@gmail.com    
1920 White Sox Bruce Thomas blt8490@gmail.com   1st Team
1971 Cardinals Bruce Thomas     2nd Team
2008 Red Sox Chris Emberley coache64@aol.com    
1999 Mets Chris Gotay gochris63@att.net    
1964 White Sox Dan Holm karlholmes@outlook.com dan holm  
1980 Orioles Domenic Guarino dguarino64@gmail.com    
1995 Angels Douglas Zaner thezaners@bellsouth.net   1st Team
2006 Angels Douglas Zaner     2nd Team
1975 Phillies Gary Mauer mrrmauu@gmail.com   1st Team
1964 Phillies Gary Mauer     2nd Team
1932 A's Jim Clouser jimclouser46@gmail.com    
1983 Braves Jim Mott jimmott9@gmail.com    
1972 White Sox Jim Upchurch uproductions1999@gmail.com    
1963 Cardinals Jim Williams jimwwms@aim.com   1st Team
1968 Orioles Jim Williams     2nd Team
1993 Giants Joe Pryweller jpryweller@msn.com    
1989 Padres Joey Scigliano sciglian.frank@att.net    
2013 Nationals John Clingan jclingan@sbcglobal.net    
2014 Mets Justin Ryan wave22runner@aol.com   1st Team
1985 Mets Justin Ryan     2nd Team
1962 Dodgers Keith MacDonald kamacdonaldphoto@gmail.com   1st Team
1980 Dodgers Keith MacDonald     2nd Team
1965 Giants Larry Reeves lmareeves@comcast.net   1st Team
1954 Yankees Larry Reeves     2nd Team
1931 Yankees Marc Becker lftb3@aol.com    
1973 Dodgers Marc Weiss distantreplay.org@gmail.com devilscap 1st Team
1987 Blue Jays Marc Weiss     2nd Team
1982 Orioles Mark Nixon birdfan22@verizon.net   1st Team
2012 Orioles Mark Nixon     2nd Team
1951 Dodgers Michael Hopcroft mhopcroft@sandwich.net   1st Team
2003 Mariners Michael Hopcroft     2nd Team
1974 Reds Michael Leuck mleuck@twc.com    
1977 Reds Mike Hill mblacksox21@aol.com   1st Team
1997 Yankees Mike Hill     2nd Team
1949 Red Sox Mike Sorochen samjjones@verizon.net    
1982 Royals Orion Bell noiro@cox.net    
1988 Twins Paul Arnold paul@rltcorporation.com    
1999 Red Sox Peter Daly pjdaly6@yahoo.com   1st Team
1976 A's Peter Daly     2nd Team
1977 Rangers Randy Casbier unrealdemand@gmail.com    
1979 Brewers Ric Knapp ric.knapp@premiumwaters.com    
1967 Tigers Rick Dean bummerdude.rick@gmail.com bummerdude.rick  
1956 Braves Ron Burnette ron.burnette@hotmail.com   1st Team
2013 Rays Ron Burnette     2nd Team
1988 Reds Scot Ginsberg ariscotle@gmail.com    
2012 Cardinals Scott Needle saabjaab15@yahoo.com    
1988 Pirates Steve Roman slevie@yahoo.com    
1979 Royals Todd Warner towarner@cox.net   1st Team
1978 Reds Todd Warner     2nd Team
1961 Tigers Tom Davis thomasdavis25@comcast.net   1st Team
1946 Tigers Tom Davis     2nd Team
1978 Red Sox Tom Landers gtlanders@comcast.net    

Copy/Paste Manager's e-mail address into your e-mail program to setup games.  Copy/paste AIM screen names into your buddy list

RULES - Click here to view screenshots of how the rules were set.

  1. Round 1 starts on 12/23/2014
  2. All rounds are best 3 of 5 except the final 2 rounds.
  3. Final 2 rounds are best 4 of 7
  4. There is a day off  in between each travel date and in between final scheduled day of series.  Series that end earlier will have more rest dates for next series.
  5. Each round will be played over one real calendar week.  You must reach out to your opp by Wed of each week to setup a time to play
  6. If you haven't contacted your Opp by Wed or they haven't contacted you please let the commish know and a sub will be found
  7. Keep in mind that this is software that is just out of beta and there can be errors and bugs that will affect game play.  If that happens we will do our best to fix things, but some things can't be fixed.
  8. Sign up sheet will be posted on 12/11/2014
  9. Top 4 finishers will receive a DKS gift card.  We will have a championship round and a consolation round to ensure that we have a top 3
  10. Seedings will be done within each bracket with each team stacked according to reverse winning % (total wins tiebreaker).  This is done to ensure that there is some sort of equalizer..
  11. Home Field Advantage for subsequent rounds will be determined by the team who played the least games in the previous round.
  12. Tiebreaker would be total runs allowed in tournament to that point..
  13. If still tied we will go with total runs scored as 2nd tie breaker.  Coin flip after that.
  14. Fatigue is based on the maximum amount of games a team could play in the tournament (29).  I enter in 30 games and start fatigue at 125%, which gives you even more cushion.
  15. Batters with 500+ AB's and pitchers with 185+ IP are immune to fatigue.
  16. Catcher's fatigue is part of the process.  Typically if a guy catches 8 or more consecutive games it might kick in.  I believe the game engine prorates it based on a guy's real life usage.
  17. The DH is to be used ONLY for home games for AL teams (from 1973-present).  Fore example:  If the 1997 Yankees are playing the 1931 Yankees the DH is used only when the 1997 Yankees are home, since the 31 Yanks didn't use the DH.
  18. Good luck to all !

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