Week # 7 Match Up's

Deadline Tue 12/17/2013 11:59pm EDT

AL Games
- The Sahx are 2 games behind CLE for the 3rd and final playoff slot.  SLB is playing the role of spoiler.
NYH vs PHA - The Mackmen are technically not eliminated yet, but they need CLE to be swept and they must sweep.  New York has been eliminated.
DET vs WAS - Washington is in the same boat as the Mackmen.  Detroit is 1 game out of 1st and has clinched a playoff slot.  They still would like to get 1st and get the bye.
CHW vs CLE - The Blacksox have a 1 game lead over DET and a 3 game lead over CLE.  The Tribe needs to win at least 1 game to clinch the #3 slot.  If they sweep, they could win the div.

NL Games
CIN vs NYG - This series is crucial.  CIN/NYG/BSN area all presently tied for the 3rd playoff slot.  They are all 3 games out of 1st and the 2nd playoff slot.
PHI vs STL - The Phightin's are tied for 1st with the Brooks.  STL finds itself 2 games out of the 3rd playoff slot that has a 3 team log jam.
BSN vs CUB - The disappointing Cubbies can play spoiler to the Bee's who are part of that 3 way log jam for the 3rd playoff slot.
BRO vs PIT - The Brooks are tied with Philly for 1st and want desperately to win the div.  The Bucs can play spoiler here.

-1904 NYG - Reeves
-1914 BSN - Burnette
-1919 CIN - Clouser
-1906 CUB - Walden
-1916 BRO - Weiss
-1909 PIT - Nixon
-1916 PHI - Ryan
-1914 STL - Couture

-1909 DET - Davis
-1920 CLE - Keller
-1904 NYH - Sexton
-1914 PHA - Lee
-1912 WAS - Zaner
-1908 SLB - Chisholm
-1912 BOS - MacDonald
-1919 CHW - Scigliano


Next Week's Match Up's

Deadline Tue 12/17/2013 11:59pm EDT

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