RULES and REGULATIONS for KOD28 (October 2018 - January 2019)
  1. Let's have fun, please respect your opponents and the time they have set aside to play their games online.
  2. Fatigue / Injuries is in place - check it out in the rules section (of the software).  Any "bit player" (outlier) who exceeds his regular season usage will not be eligible for the post season.  An example of this would be a player with 12 AB's in real life and 13 AB's in our league or a pitcher with 5 innings pitched in real life and 5.2 IP in our league.
  3. The column to watch is the %. The magic number is 125%. If ANY player hits 125%, you will IMMEDIATELY incur a 10% usage penalty. This penalty goes to 20% when you hit 135%, 30% when you hit 145% and 50% when you hit 150%.  Here is a simple way to track fatigue for a batter with 100 PA's.  Since our season is 1/4 of a MLB season he would have 25 PA's to reach 100% fatigue.  Since our fatigue penalties start kicking in at 125%, he won't see a penalty until approx 32 PA's.  At 135% (34 PA's) he will have a 20% penalty.  At 145% (37 PA's) he will receive a 30% penalty.  At 150% (38 PA's) he would hit the final penalty of 50%.  It is imperative that you watch the fatigue/usage for your outliers (players with less than 150 PA's in RL).
  4. Batters with 450 or more PA's are immune from fatigue.  Pitchers with over 175 IP's are also immune from fatigue.
  5. Roster limits: 25  for regular season until 9/1, then 40.  25 man (for post season eligible teams)
  6. Each team must have a MINIMUM of a 5 man rotation, unless they come from an era of the 4 man rotation.
  7. Rain Outs will be part of the league rule.  If a game is rained shortened and is official the result will stand.  If it is rained out and not official it will be scheduled for the off/travel day that is built into the schedule.  If an additional game during the series gets rained out a double header will be played on the travel day.
  8. DH:  The AL will use the DH and the NL will not.  In the World Series we will use the DH only in the AL Park.  Interleague DH for AL home games
  9. The Warm Up in Bullpen Rule is in affect and should be setup as part of the league settings.
  10. Playoffs: 5 teams from each league.  2 div winners, top wild card team and 2 wild card play in teams.
  11. Tiebreakers:  In the event that there is a tie for a division title and neither team would qualify for the Wild Card a 1 game play in will take place at the ballpark of the team with the better h2h record during the regular season.  In case both teams split their regular season meetings a coin flip will then be used to determine HF.  If 3 teams are tied a two tiered play-in system will take place.  Random numbers will be used for seeding with one team getting a bye.  The team with the bye will automatically play on the road.  This applies for Wild Card scenarios as well.
  12. All playoff rounds will reflect current MLB's structure:  Play in games, 3 of 5, then 4 of 7
  13. Upon Completion of games please do a short series write-up for the blog, which can be done online by clicking here.
  14. email the league your results, and stats will be update on this website.
  15. Also, email me your manager files with your lineups and manager tendencies -- just in case someone can't play, we can always sim it.
  16. Contact your opponent to play via e-mail as soon as the new league file is released.  cc: the league on all correspondence.  E-mail the league if your opponent has not responded to your e-mail in 2 days, so we can mediate.
  17. Contact the league if you expect to be busy or away that week, so we can arrange for a sub to cover for your team or have your opponent play vs the computer in a supervised environment (see below playing vs computer option).
  18. Deadlines:  The goal is to play each series over a 7 day period.  Try to schedule your series early, because things do pop up in real life that might cause you to miss your preset playing time.  If your series is set on deadline day you will not have an opportunity to reschedule.  All games not played by the announced deadline will be "simmed".  If someone is a no-show (30 min or more late) or has to cancel their opponent has the following options:
  19. GAME PREFERENCES (Setup), will have a standardization throughout the league (see below photos).
  20. Exceptions To speed up game play "Pitch By Pitch Mode" is only used when a J3 runner is on 1st base.  It should be overriden when:
  1. Reschedule (provided it isn't deadline day).
  2. Play vs a league appointed sub
  3. Play vs the computer (see below).

Playing vs the Computer option:

  1. You must first e-mail the league and get approval to do this.
  2. You must e-mail the league at the start and e-mail the league at the end of the 4 game series.
  3. You have 60 minutes from the time the e-mail is sent until the end of the series for the results to count.
  4. If time limit has elapsed the league will sim the series.

Post-season fatigue and Home Field Advantage:

  1. The regular season fatigue Pace of 42 will be bumped up to 52 as the initial threshold for fatigue for the post season.

Addendum #1:  All players must set their PREFERENCES to reflect the following:

Addendum #2:  Playoff Tie-breakers (1st place):

Addendum #3:  Playoff Tie-breakers (Wild Card):

Addendum #4:  Team Retirement/Dormancy:

Addendum #5:  Franchise Ownership:

Addendum #6:  Franchise Ownership Challenge rules:

Addendum #7:  Franchise Ownership Challenges (additional rules):

Addendum #8:  Updated Courtesy Rules (5/25/2010):

  • We have 1 full week to play each series, with the league file coming out on Monday.  Please reach out to your opponent via e-mail immediately after the file is released to setup a time to play.  Feel free to be pro-active, since the schedule is already set, and e-mail your opponent before the file is out.  This will maximize time.
  • Contact me if you haven't gotten a response from your opponent by Wed night.
  • Contact me if you will be away during the week, so we can arrange a sub.  Give your Opp a "heads up" when scheduling will be tight.
  • Be polite.  Buddah says, "Treat other people the same way you'd want them to treat you".  Marc agrees with Buddah :) !  Let's keep the controversy to a minimum.
  • Be on time.  If you have an 8pm game, please show up 5-10 minutes early.  Nobody likes to wait.  If you are running late please let us know ASAP.  It happens to everyone from time to time.  Text me at 646-523-2480 if you do not have access to e-mail and I will alert your opponent.  Since we all know each other feel free to exchange cell #'s during setup in order to text each other if you are out of pocket or running late.  Communication is everything.
  • No Shows: Thankfully you all have been very good when it comes to this.  My football league, well that was another story.  Since I suffered through a season of no shows and no e-mails I'm going to issue a zero tolerance policy for no-shows.  If you can not be considerate enough to e-mail, call or text someone...heck I'll even take a Facebook message, we will allow the computer to manage your team vs your opponent.  Having the AI manage your team is a big penalty.  I will keep track of no-shows, and the second occurrence will automatically cause you to lose your franchise.  Once again, this is my reaction to what happened in my football league and is no reflection on you gents.  I just want to put that out there as a firm rule.  I am going to post the No-show list on the website.
  • 20 minute rule:  If someone doesn't call, text, e-mail, IM or Facebook that they are running late we will wait 20 min then have the guy who showed play the AI.
  • Proof:  Keep your e-mail's.  Before granting play vs the AI I want to see all correspondence between opponents.  Do NOT setup games via AIM.  Use e-mail for proof.
  • Do not be vague:  Pin down your game time.  Do not have open ended game times like, "Yeah I'm good all afternoon on Sun, so I'll see you sometime after 1pm".  WRONG.  That won't cut it.  It never works...PERIOD.  Lock in at 1pm or 2pm or whatever set time.  Also make sure to include your Time Zone, so there is no confusion (ie..1pm EDT or 12pm CDT, etc).
  • Extensions:  I'm going to be a big time Hardass on this going forward.  Bottom line is this.  We have a full week to play.  Deadline is 11:59pm EDT on Sunday as it's always been.  With a league this big there will be no extensions.  Come Monday at 12am EDT if I do not have a game file for a series I will sim out the games.  No exceptions.
  • Civil Behavior:  Be adult...have courteous.  Any nasty-gram e-mail's and IM's will get a warning.  Second offense and the offending party will be gone.
  • In Game Chat:  Personally I like chatting.  I play the game not only for the competition, but for the friendship factor as well.  With that said, keep the chat fun and friendly.  NO BITCHING.  Remember this is just a game, and it's far from perfect.  Results will not always be to our liking, but there is no reason to complain to your opponent and make him feel like garbage, because you are having a bad day.  Stuff like that takes all the fun out of it.
  • My personal pledge:  I will post all of your write-ups promptly with photos.  For those who do not submit a write-up I'll do a quick AP style report.  I also promise to put my AIM to invisible when I'm playing.  Too often I have had to respond to IM's while playing, which has inconvenienced my opponent.  I apologize for that and promise to stick to the game in hand.
  • HAVE FUN and let's make this the best KOD season ever !!!
  • Full Screen Ballpark View: