Tournament Rules

  1. Single Elimination Tournament by Year
  2. Teams are seeded according to the order they finished.  H2H record in real life is the tie breaker
  3. All games are played online h2h
  4. No individual ownership of each team.  Individual sign up per round.  You can keep your team provided you can play w/in the time constraints (see below)
  5. One round per week, until later rounds (LCS / WS), which will be played 2 in a week.
  6. Same pitch mode rules as KOD
  7. Pro rated usage mode for fatigue, which hits after 125%
  8. Outliners will exhaust early, so use them sparingly.
  9. Qualifier Rounds will be best 2 out of 3 games
  10. All other rounds except LCS and WS are best 3 of 5
  11. LCS and WS are best 4 of 7

Rules Setup Screens

Set by the league file to override your personal setup