Creating the 25 man roster

Screenshots for Attaching Manager (.man) files

Open roster screen and right click on each player and choose to Active/Inactive.  Keep the Display All Players check box checked, so you can see them as inactive, otherwise they will disappear.

Here's an example of what it looks like with inactive players showing

Once you are done you need to export your manager (.man) file.

Send that manager (.man) file to me by attaching it to an e-mail.  It will be in your league folder.  You might not be able to see it since you might have 100's of files in that folder.  To see it you should go over to the File Name box (see above) and type in *.man and hit ENTER.  This will display ONLY the .man files.  Then click on the .man file that corresponds to you team and attach.

This shows attaching the .man file for you team as well as how crowded your league folder is going to be and why you should follow step #4.

Video For 25 man roster


Click here to see the video