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KOD Newsletter A weekly roundup of what is going on in KOD, including league leaders and a weekly spotlight on a different manager & his connection to his  franchise

Welcome to DistantReplay.org's Baseball Website

All of our Projects are played with Action PC Baseball 2014.

Dave Koch Sports is responsible for this fantastic piece of software.

We play Single Elimination Tournaments, Best of Era Projects and Season Replays..

  In Progress: King of the Diamond 20
•This league
featured teams that finished in 3rd place

•Champion:  TBD

Completed Project: 1971 Group Replay
•This league is more like a group project.  Each manager will manage his team of choice's road games vs the PC or h2h online vs another manager.  Post season will feature actual winners and bets +/- improvement winners..

Current Tournament: 2013 Playoffs

1968 Replaying the Post season utilizing the 10 playoff teams that qualified for the playoffs

KOD20's regular season is presently underway.  We are featuring the best team from the New Millenium (2000--2014).

Congratulations to 1962 SF Giants for winning the Best of the Early 1960's pennant.   Review how your favorite franchise faired.  Celebrate Frank Thomas coming close to having a triple crown batting year and Sandy Koufax enjoying the same on the pitching side.

Congratulations to Dan Holm for winning the Best of the 1980's Tournament.  Dan piloted the 1983 Chicago White Sox to victory of George Bserani's 1981 LA Dodgers in 6 games.

Congratulations to Marc Weiss for winning the Best of the 1970's Tournament.  Marc piloted the 1978 Boston Red Sox to victory of Dan Holm's 1979 Montreal Expos in 5 games.

Tom Davis' 1984 replay where he actually got the Tigers to 35-5


Celebrated Teams

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