Downloads for Distant Replay Baseball

Posted on 7/1/2007

This page includes season file downloads, player photo files, logo add-ons and Ballparks

Exporting and Attaching game/series files via e-mail:

Click here to see step by step visual instructions.

Installing League Files:

All League Files should be extracted to the league's sub folder inside your Baseball2007 main folder:  C:\Baseball2007\LEAGUENAME


Ballpark Photo Files

Posted on July 1st, 2007

An ordered list:

  1. Updated 60's Ballpark Photos
  2. SOM Ballpark photo file
  3. Tiger Stadium 6/2007 Photos

Installing Instructions:

All Ballpark Files should be Extracted to your Ballparks sub folder inside your Baseball2007 folder.  C:\Baseball2007\Ballparks

All Player Photos should be Extracted to your Player Photos sub folder insider your Baseball 2007 folder.  C:\Baseball2007\PlayerPhotos


League Files / Logos

Player Photos