Tournament Rules

  1. Opponents must contact each other via e-mail and cc: the league office on all correspondence
  2. In case of scheduling conflict please alert the league office, so we can get a proxy coach(s).
  3. All game files must be e-mailed to the league office upon completion of every game.
  4. Each round will be played over a 5 day period.  All games not played by posted deadline will be simulated by the game engine.
  5. No-shows:  If your opponent does not show you must wait 20 minutes then contact the league.  You have the option of facing a sub-coach or the computer after discussing with the league.  If playing vs the computer option is chosen and e-mail to the league must be sent prior to starting and upon completion.  You will have 70 minutes to complete a solo game.  If game is not completed in 70 minutes it will be simulated.
  6. Teams will be seeded based on the year they played in, so we keep the initial bracket layout as close to era as possible.

Game Rules

  1. Sportsmanship is required.  Congratulate your opponent on a good game and wish them luck before the game.  Do not whine about how the game engine has robbed you of victory.  The game engine, no matter how flawed it is, does not discriminate against either team.  As the song say, "you take the good, you take the bad and there you have...the facts of life".  Deal with it and move on !
  2. All games are played with NO HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.  The schedule will be setup with NEUTRAL checked off for each game, but will be played at the higher seed's (older team) home field on the winner's bracket side.
  3. On the "losers bracket" side it will follow the same home field convention as the winner's side if pre-game record is the same.  In certain rounds a team may have more wins than another.  That team will host the game at their home stadium w/out HFA (neutral checked on schedule)).
  4. Final round:  Loser bracket team must win 2 out of 2 from winner bracket team.  Winner bracket team has to only win 1 game.  The first, and possibly only game of this round, will be played at the LA Coliseum (site of the first Super Bowl) without HFA (neutral checked on schedule).  Game 2, if needed, will be played at the same venue without HFA (neutral checked on schedule).
  5. The special "4th Down rule" is in affect (see below)
  6. The special "2 Back / FB Rule" is in affect to preserve competitiveness across eras (see below)

4th Down Rules

  1. You can NOT go for it on 4th down if you are inside of your 40 yard line (1 yard line - 39 yard line) unless:
  1. There is 10 minutes or less left in the game
  2. Your team is down by 21 or more points at any time during the game

Failure to follow the 4th down rule results in the following:

2 Back / FB Rule

  1. You can not run a 3 RB set at anytime, since this was not used during the Super Bowl Era
  2. You can have 1 or 2 RB's in your backfield
  3. If you have 2 RB's one MUST be a FB if your team is post 1985.
  4. Pre-1985 teams typically had 2 RB's that would share the load to some extent.  Post '85 backfields typically had a running back (RB) and Blocking back (FB).
  5. If your FB is injured and you want to run a 2 RB backfield you can use the lowest CG rated RB on your roster until the FB is eligible to return

    Failure to follow this rule results in the following:

QB Usage Rule

  1. SAT will chose your QB based on real life starts / injuries.  You can not replace the original starter unless the conditions from clause II (below) are met.
  2. In the event that your starter is performing poorly we should all have the right to switch just like coaches do in real life. Since there is no way to simulate when this point should occur I'm going to use the following criteria as a benchmark for when a QB is deemed ineffective (see below)
  3. If the above criteria has been met you can then sub in your #2 QB (based on # of attempts). The #2 QB will then remain in the game unless an injury occurs.  #3 or #4 QB's are considered emergency use QB's and can only play in the event that your #'s 1 and 2 are injured.
  4. The backup QB can not enter the game to be used as a runner on the first 2 plays after replacing your original QB.  A QB scramble chose by the computer off a pass play is totally acceptable.  Running a QB Draw or Run are not.
  5. Once the starter is healthy (in game) he must replace the original QB back in.

Ineffective QB Criteria:

  1. Your team is down by 21 or more points in the 2nd half
  2. You are in the second half and your QB has not completed more than 45% of his passes
  3. You are in the second half and your QB has thrown 3 or more INT's

Seldom Used RB Usage Rule

  1. Applies to any RB who has a CG of less than 4 per game (unless a FB).
  2.  This rule is to prevent these seldom used guys from being inserted in key situations, which they were not used in during real life.
  3. This RB type can not be inserted in specifically for 3rd or 4th down plays. He must be inserted only for 1st or 2nd down situations and can remain in the game for subsequent plays.
  4. Exceptions are if the starting RB's are out due to injury.