Tournament Rules

  1. Opponents must contact each other via e-mail or IM and alert the league when their game is scheduled to be played
  2. In case of scheduling conflict please alert the league, so we can get a proxy coach(s).
  3. All game files must be e-mailed to the league ( upon completion of every game.

Game Rules

  1. There is to be a 30 second play clock set for every game.  If the clock has not been set it must be turned on immediately after one player notices that it has not been turned on.  There is no penalty asessed.
  2. Sportsmanship is required.  Congratulate your opponent on a good game and wish them luck before the game.  Do not whine about how the game engine has robbed you of victory.  The game engine, no matter how flawed it is, does not discriminate against either team.  As the song say, "you take the good, you take the bad and there you have...the facts of life".  Deal with it and move on !
  3. All games are played using a neutral dome stadium field (ie..Superdome).  Make sure the neutral field is chosen prior to starting.  If the game has started and a neutral field has not been chosen the game will have to be re-started from the beginning.

4th Down Rules

  1. You can NOT go for it on 4th down if you are on your side of the field unless:
  1. There is 10 minutes or less left in the game
  2. Your team is down by 21 or more points at any time during the game
  3. You have the ball on your opponents side of the field (50 yard line on in).

Failure to follow the 4th down rule results in the following: