Atlanta Falcons Fields by Joey Owen

  1. Polo Grounds 1950-1955
  2. Yankee Stadium (ver 1 by Andy Hernandez) 1956-1973
  3. Yankee Stadium (ver 2) 1956-1973
  4. Yale Bowl 1973-1974
  5. Shea Stadium 1975

The Giants NEVER had a real home until the got to the Meadowlands in 1976.  Here were all of their temporary homes along the way.  The Polo Grounds field is an actual overhead of that venue, which I shaped to scale to play with.  Joey Owen and Andy Hernandez did their own versions of the Yankee Stadium Gridiron with the baseball field diamond in tact.  The Yale Bowl field is the actual field from New Haven, that I got an overhead for and scaled for game play.  The Shea field was used for 1 year and the Jets never took off their markings when the Giants played.  In fact since they shared the field they would sometimes play Sat/Sun games..  RIGHT CLICK TO DL and make sure to rename accordingly to play w/SAT seasons.

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