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Wednesday, 14. October 2009


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In this section we will be posting scores from this month's active football tournament.


Hot News !!!

Welcome to distantreplay.org...

Your new home for all your favorite leagues, replays and monthly tournaments.

In late September the CFL (Canarsie Football League) was born and with it our first ActionPC website was born.  The CFL got it's start back in the 1980's on an obscure & all but orphaned game called 3 in 1 football by Lance Haffner.  All games were played in person in my den back in Brooklyn, NY.  As the years went by our core group of guys moved away and getting together in person was just not feasible.  3 in 1 football never evolved past DOS and we needed a game that was internet compatible.  Howard Fortel searched 'the net' and found Dave's site as the saying goes, "the rest is history".

Next we all became involved with Jamie Hunter's 3LFL, which is a 1990's draft league that is made up of 24 international teams.  The league is great, but it's webmaster from 2003-04 quit on them.  And as we all know, if a league doesn't have a website it doesn't exist.  So back in the fall of '04 I began maintaining the 3LFL draftboard and website.

In mid January the NFL kicked into playoff mode and I thougth, "wouldn't it be cool to play a tournament using only former Super Bowl Champions" ?  That little brainchild gave birth to the monthly double elimination tournament format.  Each month we'll have a new "theme" for our tournaments.  From the best team's ever to the worst teams ever we'll cover it all.

If I wasn't busy enough trying to track down game files and set up URL's the CSFL came a calling.  Internal personality issues put the league on the brink of folding.  As of this writing I'm still not sure of the league's long term survival, but I knew it needed an immediate home.

The distantreplay.org site will be the home to all these leagues and tournaments.  With one click you can navigate anywhere you want.  I've added ActionPC community links as well.  You can download league files, view instructions on game use or just get advice on game play.

3/1/2005 was the official kickoff of this merged site !  I look forward to many years of enjoyment and sportsmanship.


Updated 3/1/05

MVP Performances

Individual player performances and game MVP's will be highlighted in this section along with pictures and player stats.  Typically we will post 3 per week here.

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Sports Update

03/1/05 - Was the official kickoff of distantreplay.org.


Game of the Week

In this section we will highlight the game of the week from the CFL (Canarsie Football League), the 3LFL (3rd and Long Football League or the CSFL (Computer Simulated Football League. 

WEEK # xx Scores

CFL Scores will be published here as well as 3LFL and CSFL

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